Law Society Council update

law society2

IP Draughts’ second report to members of the Business and Commercial Law constituency of the Law Society of England and Wales can be found here. It is due to be circulated by the Law Society soon.

In summary, we have two excellent new officials: Lubna Shuja as President, and Ian Jeffery (a former trade mark litigator and managing partner of Lewis Silkin) as CEO. In October, we welcomed a new cohort of Council members, who have helped to make a significant and positive change to the atmosphere of Council meetings. And there is increasing recognition – and more importantly, action – of the changing membership of the Society, which has far more commercial and in-house lawyers than it used to have.

IP Draughts is much more hopeful about the Law Society than he was a year ago. It is a long process to change the direction of the oil tanker, but the signs are there. IP Draughts will keep plugging away behind the scenes to encourage further change.

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