Articles, papers, policy

deskHere are some articles in legal journals and published submissions to policy reviews that we either wrote or contributed to. This page also mentions some public policy work that we have been involved in.

References below to JIPLP mean the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, and to EIPR mean the European Intellectual Property Review.

Peer-reviewed and journal articles

  1. Intellectual property transactions: the third leg of the stool, guest editorial in JIPLP December 2021.
  2. Copyright Licences and Private Law: Fitting a Sharp-Edged Peg into a Worn-Smooth Hole, book review of Implied Licences in Copyright Law, by Poorna Mysoor (OUP, 2021). Review published in JIPLP, December 2021.
  3. International report for the League of Competition Law, on legal protection from IP threats in different jurisdictions, presented in Paris in November 2019. Now published by Springer here, as Anderson M. (2021) International Report. In: Kobel P., Këllezi P., Kilpatrick B. (eds) Competition Law Analysis of Price and Non-price Discrimination & Abusive IP Based Legal Proceedings. LIDC Contributions on Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition. Springer, Cham.
  4. International IP Transactions: Arguments for Developing a UN Standard: article that forms a chapter in Technology Transactions, edited by Professor de Werra of the University of Geneva Faculty of Laws, published by Schulthess in December 2018. This publication is now “open access” and available here.
  5. How to Draft a Licence Agreement That is Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory: a 10 point plan: article published online by JIPLP in December 2017; published in paper version in May 2018
  6. Contract law for IP lawyers: article in JIPLP October 2017
  7. Book review: IP Issues in Corporate Transactions by Neil Coulson, at (2016) 38 EIPR Issue 8 pp 523-5
  8. Book review: The Law and Regulation of Franchising in the EU Mark Abell (ed) Edward Elgar Publishing, at JIPLP (2015) 10 (10): 797-798
  9. Emails are not property: case summary in JIPLP, March 2013
  10. High legal scholarship combined with nuts-and-bolts practicality: review of the CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts, JIPLP 2012
  11. Automatic Reversion Clauses in Copyright Assignments – Do They Work? case analysis in JIPLP 2011, first published online: February 24, 2011
  12. Intellectual property transactions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors: article in JIPLP 2010
  13. University and Industry Contracts over 20 Years: Some Personal Reflections: article in Les Nouvelles (journal of the Licensing Executives Society International), June 2010
  14. A Good Book: review of Gringras on the Laws of the Internet, in JIPLP 2009
  15. Dutiful discussions: review of Taxation of Intellectual Property, by Anne Fairpo, 2009
  16. Assignments and royalties don’t mix: article in JIPLP 2009
  17. The Associates’ Aid: review of Intellectual Property Issues in Commercial Transactions, Christina Demetriades (Ed.), in JIPLP 2008
  18. A useful resource when advising on publishing contracts: review of Clark on Publishing Agreements in JIPLP 2008
  19. Making drugs available at affordable prices: how universities’ technology transfer offices can help developing countries: article in JIPLP in 2007
  20. Commercialization Agreements: Practical Guidelines in Dealing with Options: chapter in Krattiger, A. F., et al. (2007). Intellectual Property Management in Health and Agricultural Innovation: A Handbook of Best Practices, (2nd (2009) ed.). Oxford, England; Davis, CA: MIHR (Centre for the Management oflntellectual Property in Health Research and Development), Oxford Centre for Innovation; PIPRA (Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture), University of California, Davis.
  21. Do the interests of academic lawyers and practising lawyers ever overlap? Review of Biotechnologies and International Human Rights, by Francesco Francioni in JIPLP 2007
  22. Applying traditional property laws to IP transactions: text of article at [1995] EIPR 236
  23. How not to license patents: the text of an article that was published in about 1992.
  24. The application of real property laws to intellectual property transactions: article in Patent World, 1990, page 24 onwards.

Short articles

In addition to the short articles that appear elsewhere on this blog, Mark has written articles for other publications including the Law Society Gazette. Starting in 2019, the following section lists and provides links to some of those other articles. Older LSG articles may be found by searching against “Mark Anderson” on the LSG website.

  1. Time to Rethink IP Laws. Article in the Law Society Gazette’s online edition, 9 January 2019.
  2. The Profession Must Put IP in its Rightful Place. Article in the Law Society Gazette’s online edition, 29 January 2019.
  3. Documenting Death is in a Time Warp. Article in the Law Society Gazette’s online edition, 14 February 2019.
  4. Could AI Replace the Law Society? Article in Law Society Gazette, 14 January 2022, page 25.


Mark has participated in third-party podcasts on IP and contract law topics, including the following:

  1. Two IPs in a Pod, run by members of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys. Mark and his Anderson Law colleague, AnnMarie Humphries, were interviewed for this podcast. The discussion was wide-ranging, and included discussion of IP transactions as an emerging area of IP law.
  2. Study Legal English, run by Louise Kulbucki. Session number 98 was an interview with Mark about terminology in IP contracts, and contracts generally.

Book reviews on this blog

Linked below are reviews of other people’s books, written by Mark, that have appeared on this blog. (Some reviews of our books written by others are linked on the “books” page of this blog.)

  1. Sign Here: The Enterprise Guide to Closing Contracts Quickly, Alex Hamilton, 2021
  2. University Technology Transfer: What Is It And How To Do It, Tom Hockaday (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020)
  3. Guidebook to Intellectual Property by Sir Robin Jacob and others.
  4. A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, by Ken Adams (3rd edition).
  5. Contractual Indemnities by Wayne Courtney.
  6. University IP: a Source of Finance and Impact, several authors.

Interview transcript

Interview with Lord Cockfield (former European Commissioner) in about 1995:

This is an unedited transcript of an interview that Mark conducted with the late Lord Cockfield in his London flat in about 1995. As far as he knows, it has not previously been published. In it, Lord Cockfield discusses the single European market, divisions in the Conservative Party over Europe, the workings of the European Commission, and related topics.

Papers for which Mark was a lead author

  1. Brexit and IP (December 2017): a note of requests from the UK IP professions to the UK government.
  2. Joint UK IP professions brochure, first published in 2017, and an accompanying video, on why to choose the UK for IP services.
  3. Law Society submission to European Commission on the first draft of the 2014 Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation: paper in 2013
  4. Law Society submission to European Commission’s initial consultation on the Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation: paper in 2012
  5. Law Society submission to the Hargreaves Review: paper in 2011
  6. Law Society submission to the Gowers Review: paper in 2006

Public policy work

Mark has given oral evidence to the UK Parliament on IP subjects.

  1. In 2016, he gave oral evidence to a House of Lords Public Bill Committee in relation to the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Bill. The Bill has since been enacted as the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Act 2017.
  2. In 2016, he gave oral evidence to the House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee, in relation to its Inquiry into Managing Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer.

Public debates

  1. In 2016, Mark chaired a public debate at University College London on the subject of Dysfunction in Contract Drafting. The panel members were Ken Adams, an author and lecturer on contract drafting, Mr Justice Flaux, Kate Gibbons of Clifford Chance and Kristin McFetridge of British Telecom’s legal department. The debate was recorded and is available on YouTube here.
  2. In 2017, Mark chaired a public debate at University College London on the subject of Modern Contract Drafting: Improving Content, Upgrading Your Process, and Overcoming Inertia. The panel members were Ken Adams, an author and lecturer on contract drafting, Iain Biddle, Cisco Systems, Dan Deacon, Clifford Chance LLP, Alex Hamilton, Radiant Law, Marcella Sampic, Orange SA, Andy Wishart, Contract Express. The debate was recorded and is available on YouTube here. A photo of the participants appears below.


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