a-z 3rd ednAre you looking for a book on contract drafting, on technology transfer laws, on biotech transactions, or on IP licensing?

Our main books

We have written or contributed to several practitioner textbooks, most of which can be found on our Amazon Author Page.

Some of these books include template agreements as well as commentary.  Take a look at the book details on Amazon or on the publisher’s website for further information.

The titles of these books are:

  1. Drafting Agreements in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries (OUP, looseleaf)
  2. Technology Transfer (3rd edn, Bloomsbury, 2010)
  3. A-Z Guide to Boilerplate and Commercial Clauses (3rd edn, Bloomsbury, 2012)
  4. Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts (4th edn, Bloomsbury, 2016)
  5. Drafting Confidentiality Agreements (3rd edn, Law Society Publishing, 2014)
  6. Execution of Documents (3rd edn, Law Society Publishing, 2014)
  7. Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing (Edward Elgar, 2013) – chapter on patent licensing

We are also in the course of writing a book on Drafting Patent and Know-how Licence Agreements, which is to be published by OUP.

Other publications to which we have contributed

  1. EF&P: We have written several volumes of the Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents (LexisNexis), including volumes on Research and Development, IP Licensing, Contracts for Services, and Confidentiality.  These volumes mainly comprise template agreements and accompanying commentary.  The price of the complete set of volumes of EF&P is several thousand pounds, but the volumes are also available via an annual subscription with LexisNexis.  Periodically (typically about every 5 years, on a rolling programme) we are commissioned to update the volumes that we have written.
  2. Unico Guides: Several years ago, we were commissioned by the UK Department of Trade and Industry (via PraxisUnico) to write a series of 9 Practical Guides for university technology transfer managers on different types of transaction including licensing, spin-outs, consultancy, etc.  The complete set of booklets can be found on the PraxisUnico website here.
  3. IP Handbook: One of the Practical Guides (on option agreements) was adapted for use as a chapter in a massive multi-volume publication, IP Handbook of Best Practices.  This publication was written in English but also translated in Vietnamese.
  4. Enterprise Ireland: in 2015-16, we drafted a series of agreements (mostly on licensing and technology transfer) and commentaries, for use between Irish universities and industry, with input on Irish law from Deirdre Kilroy and her colleagues at LK Shields, an Irish solicitors’ firm.
  5. Growing Business Handbook: We contributed a chapter on licensing, written for non-lawyers, for the Growing Business Handbook (editor Adam Jolly, published by Kogan Page, new edition every few years)

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