Leadership roles

Mark Anderson

I am interested in exploring new, senior-level roles that make use of my skills and experience.

As described below, I have experience of leadership roles in the fields of business, law and policy-making. I have learnt from those experiences that my strengths include a focus on people, strong listening skills, an independent perspective, creativity, problem-solving skills, and a determination to make things work better. In more detail:

  • Facilitating and mediating agreements and commercial disputes. I am an accredited  CEDR mediator, and on the arbitration and mediation panels of WIPO. My facilitator and mediator profile is here: msa facilitator and mediator profile 2020. My experience includes:
    • acting as an independent facilitator of negotiations over a multi-party, high-value (£200M) R&D collaboration.
    • acting as an expert adviser to a mediator in a two-day mediation over a patent infringement dispute.
    • representing clients in an ‘honest broker’ role where a business or professional relationship had become strained. Examples include:
      • finding a way through for an IP owner in a dispute with two licensees who had potentially-overlapping, exclusive licences.
      • helping to resolve several inventorship disputes.
  • Being a chair or member of company boards and professional committees. My profile is here: msa board and committee profile 2020. My experience includes:
    • member of the Council of the Law Society of England and Wales (2021-25)
    • former chair of the IP Law Committee of the Law Society (2015-18)
    • chair of BioLawEurope FmbA, a Danish-incorporated association of lawyers in over a dozen European countries (2015-22)
    • founder and managing partner of a growing commercial law firm, Anderson Law LLP (currently 17 legal staff)
    • former non-executive director of OBN (UK) Ltd (2016-20)
    • former member of the Lambert Outer Committee
    • former member of the UKIPO’s Business to Business Licensing Committee
    • former secretary of the regulatory and IP law committee of the BioIndustry Association
    • former co-chair of the Richmond Legal Advice Service
  • Teaching and mentoring future leaders. My experience includes:
    • visiting professor at the Institute of Brand and Innovation Law, University College London
    • creating and convening a multi-award-winning course at UCL on IP transactions. This course has run for the last 9 years with approximately 30 volunteer speakers, who are mostly partners in leading law firms
    • being training supervisor for 12 present and former members of Anderson Law, three of whom are now my partners
  • Research, writing and commentary. My experience (with colleagues in Anderson Law) includes the following (further details on other pages of this blog):
    • Creator/lead author of 5 legal textbooks, some now in their fourth editions
    • Creator/updater of half a dozen titles of the Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents
    • Creator/lead author of numerous peer-reviewed articles in legal journals
    • Creator/lead author of an award-winning blog, IP Draughts, that is getting close to one million “views”

Academic CV here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8wr7ppasldey6sk/Anderson%20academic%20CV%202021a.docx?dl=0

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