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Mr Pettifog is an ex-senior-partner of a specialist IP law firm, who took early retirement several years ago. The circumstances of his leaving are the subject of a permanent super-injunction, but rumours on the blogosphere suggest that there was an unfortunate incident involving a temporary librarian and a bottle of Wincarnis. Mr Pettifog is proud of the fact that he obtained the first permanent super-injunction, which now bears his name as the Pettifog Injunction, and it certainly is a testimony to his legendary litigation skills. He has a low opinion of the current partners of IP law firms, especially those at Anderson Law LLP, and is not averse to pointing out their failings.

Automatic reversion clauses in copyright assignments: do they work?

The English Court of Appeal has confirmed the legal effectiveness of a clause in a copyright assignment that automatically transferred copyright back to the assignors in the event of breach of contract by the assignee.

The case reference is Crosstown Music Company 1, LLC v Rive Droite Music Limited, Mark Taylor and Paul Barry [2010] EWCA Civ 1222, 2 November 2010

View Mark Anderson’s article about this case on the JIPLP website.

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IP Draughts is here!

Having received a number of requests to establish a blog, we are pleased to announce that finally, the team at Anderson & Company are officially ‘Bloggers’!  We know that there are some fantastic IP blogs out there and it is not our intention to replicate their content.

Through this blog, we aim to provide up to date commentary and our insight into the world of IP contracts; from sharing best practice on ‘drafting’ and how to overcome the common pitfalls in licensing agreements to understanding the implications on your business of recent legal updates.

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