Law Society business

I plan to use this page as a convenient folder for:

  • articles on policy issues
  • updates on what is happening at the Law Society, from my perspective as Council member for Business and Commercial Law (2021-25)


I’m currently preparing the first of a series of 6-monthly reports to solicitors who practise in the field of “business and commercial law”, which is widely defined and includes, for example, IP and tax practitioners. Once published (the first in April 2022), I plan to include links to my reports on to this blog page.

  1. Spring 2022 Report: council report 220423
  2. Winter 2022 Report: council report 221230

Some of my articles on policy issues affecting solicitors in England and Wales

I have written numerous articles on policy issues affecting solicitors in England and Wales, both on this blog (search on the home page for “solicitor”) and in the Law Society Gazette (search there for “Mark Anderson”). As new articles appear, I will provide a link on this page. To start things off, I have linked some recent articles below.

  1. A little distance is healthy. The client is not always right.
  2. More Values Not More Regulations
  3. Lawyers Should Not be Business People with a Law Degree
  4. Do You Want to Influence the Law Society?
  5. Future of the Solicitors’ Profession
  6. Why We Need a Strong Law Society
  7. The Legal Manufactory (general thoughts about new technology, regulation, etc)
  8. Mission Creep at the Cube – an old article in the Law Society Gazette about the SRA.
  9. How to succeed if your face doesn’t fit – some thoughts on diversity.