Is webinar legal training viable? The results are in…

webinarIP Draughts recently ran a survey among his clients and contacts.  He wanted to know whether they would be likely to use a service offering webinar-based training on contract drafting and other legal subjects.

The responses to this survey are summarised below.  They indicate a fair amount of interest.  IP Draughts is now mulling over whether it is worth the investment costs to set up a regular service of providing webinar training (eg for one hour each month).

  1. Are you interested in this format? A majority of responders thought it “could be very interesting” or they would “definitely be interested”.
  2. How popular would this format be? The average response leant slightly more towards the “very” rather than the “moderately” popular.
  3. What do you like or dislike most about this service? The most popular positive response was that a webinar format was a good use of time and avoided travel.  The most popular negative response was the loss of opportunity to interact with the speaker.
  4. How likely are you to recommend this service to someone you know? Over two thirds of responders were moderately, very or extremely likely to do so, with “very likely” the most popular response.
  5. honesty boxHow much would you be willing to pay for this service (for a one-hour session)? Responses varied between £25 and £150, with the average of the responses coming out at £73.21.  With hindsight, IP Draughts wished he had asked separately what the charge should be for a single user versus multiple attenders on the same log-in (eg if a giant screen is used rather than a personal computer screen).
  6. How interested would you be in a programme of courses, eg 6 or 12 one-hour sessions run once per month?50% of responders thought this would be too much and that they would be more interested in a single session; the other 50% were either moderately or very interested in a programme of sessions.
  7. How likely would you be to use our service rather than competing services? There was a fairly even spread of responses, with over two thirds responding that they would be moderately, very or extremely likely to use our service.
  8. How likely are you to buy this service in the next 3 months? A disappointing 53% of responders were only slightly likely or not at all likely to do so.

would you buyIP Draughts found these responses very interesting, but they don’t give him a warm enough feeling to invest time and money in running a programme of courses on his own account.  Perhaps he could be persuaded to do so for someone else, as he did for the European Patent Office nearly a year ago (and was paid a reasonable fee for doing so).


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