Breaching client confidentiality on a train: a scale of 1 to 10

The Bizzle

Tom Kilroy blogged recently about how lawyers working on the train may be committing serious breaches of confidentiality. For the his pains, he has been called, on the Roll On Friday discussion board and elsewhere, “a prig”, “an utter nob”, “a pompous arse”, and “a keeno teedfest” (this last from a partner at the prestigious firm of Beiber and Bieber, apparently). 

Now, I’m completely with Tom on this, if only because the constant tippy-tapping of laptop keyboards and self-important BB yapping irritates me almost to the point of homicide. But it is clear that a more nuanced approach is required to head off accusations of over-reaction and priggishness. 

I have therefore gathered together a team of the finest intellects in the country (myself, Mrs Bizzle, and the cat) to consider this vexed question. After a week of hard thought and intense debate, we are delighted to present the Kilroy Scale.


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