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Time to rethink IP laws

Here is a link to my article which appeared in the Law Society Gazette today, titled, “Time to Rethink IP Laws”.

This short opinion piece tackles, from a different direction (changing English law rather than introducing an international convention), a subject that is addressed more fully in my 5,000 word chapter in a University of Geneva Faculty of Laws publication, Technology Transactions, mentioned on this blog here.

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Where should this blog go?

Last week, IP Draughts was on holiday, steering a canal boat through the Midlands of England. As holidays are meant to do, it has prompted him to think about his professional life and what he wants to do next.

This blog has been running for seven and a half years. It contains over 600 articles, which together have been viewed over 700,000 times. This is, presumably, in addition to the viewings of emails of the blog’s articles, which are received by over 1,000 subscribers. Over 90% of the articles on the blog were written by IP Draughts. Typically, an article takes him about 3 hours to write. In total, there has been an investment of about 2,000 hours’ work in the blog. This is minor compared with the time invested in our books, articles and training courses, but it still adds up.

IP Draughts has not received a penny of revenue directly from writing the blog. He hopes that there have been some indirect professional benefits, in the form of additional client work or bookings on his courses, but these are difficult to quantify.

Readers, your views are invited as to what IP Draughts should do with this blog. Should he:

  1. Make no change, and continue writing articles as before.
  2. Decide that most of the topics relevant to the blog have been covered, and only add new articles when something major happens.
  3. Introduce new types of articles / new writers, and if so what and whom.
  4. Introduce WordPress adverts and make a small revenue from them.
  5. Convert the blog into a subscription service, and if so what would be a reasonable charge.
  6. Combine some of the articles into a book in time for the Christmas list.

Your views would be welcomed, including on any ideas you may have that are not listed above. Please feel free to post comments on this blog or email me separately at






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Three enjoyable years

Today is the last day of IP Draughts’ 3-year term as chairman of the IP Law Committee of the Law Society of England and Wales. Tomorrow, Carolyn Pepper officially takes over. He wishes her all the best in the role over the next 3 years.

It sounds like a cliché to say that people grow into a role, but the phrase resonates with IP Draughts: as he performed the role, he developed the skills and confidence to perform it better.

It has been a real pleasure to work with a talented and dedicated group of people on the committee in pursuit of a common cause. IP Draughts also enjoyed working with others, including:

  • some talented and committed people at the Law Society, including our policy adviser, and former committee secretary, Lauren Rabaiotti
  • representatives of other IP professions, including the IP Bar Association, CIPA, CITMA, the IPLA and the IP Federation
  • representatives of the UK Intellectual Property Office and other government departments and agencies, including some representatives of the Ministry of Justice.

Among many highlights were having the opportunity to give oral evidence to committees of the UK Parliament:

  1. Together with Matthew Harris of the IP Law Committee, and Vicky Salmon of CIPA, IP Draughts gave oral evidence to the House of Lords’ Public Bill Committee that considered the Bill that eventually became the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Act 2017, and negotiated changes to the text of the draft Bill with representatives of the Law Commission and the Parliamentary Draftsman’s office.
  2. Together with Daniel Nelki, then in a senior role at Wellcome Trust, he gave oral evidence to the House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee, in relation to its inquiry into technology transfer.

Now, IP Draughts would like another public/legal role that will make use of the chairing skills that he developed with the IPLC, and the legal skills that he has developed over the last 39 years. If you hear of anything, please let him know…



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What do you do with 13 years of Nectar points?

For the last 13 years, Anderson Law’s office administrator, Linda Olley, has been collecting Nectar points when she buys office supplies from Viking Direct. Who knew that a small firm’s purchases of photocopy paper, biros and the like would accumulate over 43,000 points during that time?

As a charitable act before she retires, Linda has redeemed them with Oxfam, who will provide 86 units of water purifiers for use in developing countries.

A typical act from our excellent administrator – we will miss her.

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