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Is Mr Pettifog for real?

IP Draughts has received several enquiries recently, asking whether Mr Pettifog is a real person.

IP Draughts would like to reassure readers, and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, that as far as he is aware (but without having conducted searches or investigations) no member of his firm, past or present:

  • has conspired to hack a Zoom call;
  • has issued a press release criticising the Chief Justice of the USA;
  • has attempted to become a judge of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court;
  • has committed fraud;
  • has been recorded referring to the UK government as “stupid” or to newspaper journalists as “oiks”;
  • has been appointed as a government envoy to Nigeria;
  • has acted for a US patent troll;
  • has lobbied fellow freemasons to secure appointment as a UPC judge;
  • has hacked the SRA website to change the firm’s diversity statistics, so that they refer to the firm being “populated entirely by left-handed sociologists from Kazakhstan, who had been privately educated in Switzerland”;
  • has a Great Uncle Adolphus, who provided a quote for the Carbolic Smoke Ball Company about the latter’s product treating his piles;
  • has refused to attend unconscious bias training, on the grounds that he was fully aware (and proud) of his biases;
  • has been rusticated from Denbigh Technical College in the 1950s for “inappropriate conduct with a teddy bear”, thereby calling into question whether he is, in fact, entitled to practise law;
  • has tried to claim expenses for a taxi ride to the opera house in Milan, to pick up some confidential client papers that he had accidentally left in the bar there, arguing that this was his temporary office; or
  • has thrown any trainee’s work product in the fire, in disgust at its poor quality.

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International patent law specialists

Not a bad group to be in…

The latest edition of IAM Patent 1000’s rankings of patent law specialists has just been published.

IP Draughts and his Anderson Law partner Lisa Allebone have been recommended in IAM for several years, in the category of UK transactional experts, and we are pleased that we have been recommended again.

It’s good to see that there are a few new names on the list. Though, due to the long lead time before publication, some others on the list have retired since IAM did this year’s research, eg Edward Nodder of Bristows.

A quick scan of other jurisdictions reveals that some of IP Draughts’ friends and colleagues in other countries have been recommended, or re-recommended. Pam Cox of Chicago, USA, Denis Schertenleib of Paris, France, and Christine Kanz (Germany) are leading examples.



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IP Draughts’ Late Lunches – schedule

IP Draughts is gradually learning how to make use of the facilities of Zoom. After two successful Late Lunches, he is ready to schedule some more.

UPDATE: It is apparently a public holiday in the UK on 8 May, so we will run the next Late Lunch on Thursday 7 May.

 Starting on Friday 8 Thursday 7 May at 2pm (UK time), he will be scheduling them every two weeks, at the same time on Friday, for a 12-week term. So, Friday 22 May, 5 June, etc, etc.

Readers of this blog are invited for up to an hour of chat, moderated by IP Draughts. So far, we have had people logging in from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, several countries in Continental Europe, Turkey, and North America. We seem to have more in common than the geographical spread may suggest. And, of course, lockdown is an experience that most countries are now experiencing, even if the flavours are slightly different (as we learnt in a previous session).

IP Draughts  hopes you will be able to join him. You  will be doing him a favour, as he is as bored as anyone with enforced isolation!

As before, log-in details will be provided on this blog about an hour before each session is due to start.


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Log in for IP Draughts Late Lunch 2

IP Draughts hopes that you will be interested and free to join us for a second Late Lunch conversation via Zoom, at 2 pm (UK Summer Time) today, lasting for about 30-45 minutes.

The log-in details are:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 560 129 685

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