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Quarter of a million page views

250000We have been waiting patiently for the page-view-count on this blog to reach 250,000, and for the number of subscribers to reach 1,000. The page-count tripped over the magic number today. WordPress’s recent ‘annual report’ on this blog indicated that page-views are currently at around 100,000 per annum.

It seems likely that the subscriber numbers will reach 1,000 in the next few months, perhaps around the time of this blog’s 4th anniversary, at the end of March.

The frequency of postings on this blog may change over the next 4 weeks, as IP Draughts will be visiting New Zealand and Australia. He hopes to bring you some IP-related news from the Antipodes!


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Training from IP Draughts in 2015

bandwagonImpressed by the reception to Ken Adams’ recent seminar at the UCL Faculty of Laws, Drafting Clearer Contracts, IP Draughts has decided to jump on the bandwagon and offer four one-day training courses via UCL Faculty of Laws. These courses are in addition to (and complementary to) the 5-day course Intellectual Property Transactions: Law and Practice, which will be running for the third time at UCL from 20-24 April 2015.

Each of the one-day courses will be held in London and will provide 6 hours of CPD.

The first of these, Drafting IP Terms in Research Contracts, will be held on Thursday 26 March 2015. The course is pitched at an intermediate level, for contracts managers and lawyers who have had some exposure to negotiating research contracts but are still at a relatively early stage in dealing with them. Brochure and booking details can be found here.

Further one-day courses will be held at UCL on the following dates. Details will be posted on the UCL Faculty of Laws website in due course [update: now posted, see here], but for your diaries…

  1. Introduction to Contracts – CPD for legal support staff. Tuesday 12 May 2015. This course is designed for beginners who don’t have much experience of working with contracts and would like to understand them better. Previous attenders have included project managers, administrators, legal secretaries and paralegals.
  2. Drafting Legal Clauses in Commercial Contracts. 2 June 2015. This course is designed for lawyers and commercial managers who have at least 2 years’ experience of drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, and who wish to increase their understanding of the “legal” clauses in contracts, including warranties, indemniabsentties, limitation of liability and boilerplate clauses.
  3. IP Licensing – An Advanced Level Drafting Workshop. 16 June 2015. This course looks in detail at the main terms in an IP licence agreement, including grant, payments, performance, warranties, and law and jurisdiction. It is designed for lawyers and commercial managers who have at least 2 years’ experience of drafting and negotiating IP licence agreements.




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A book you can keep under your hat

Untitled-1Nestling in IP Draughts’ inbox this morning was an email from Law Society Publishing, inviting him to purchase the recently published, third edition, of a book, Drafting Confidentiality Agreements. Written by some lawyers called Anderson and Warner, apparently.

It is a small book, so it may fit under your hat, or in your loved one’s Christmas stocking.

Details here.

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A common name for common lawyers?

andlaw-logo1One of the downsides of our firm having a very common name – Anderson – is the possibility of being confused with others. A year or two back, this caused us problems with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which seemed to think we were a High Street firm from Liverpool that was in dispute with a local taxi driver. They insisted on knowing what our defence was to various allegations of regulatory misconduct. We had to work quite hard before the SRA eventually accepted that they had the wrong firm.

Having recently adopted a new logo, we hope it is clear that we are not the following firms:

anderson1This fourth-dimensional firm from Minnesota.


anderson2 This firm from Michegan, which sounds rather ruff!




anderson3This firm from Montana, which seems to have a rather varied practice.


anderson4This firm from Massachusetts, which asks a very pertinent question.




anderson5This firm from Canada, which employs a small town lawyer providing small town service in a …small town.





anderson6This firm from Australia, which employs real people!


anderson7This faceless (but Scotland-loving?) firm, Anderson Browne, from England (“next to McDonalds”), which seems to let their clients take the lead.





anderson13Well, it’s a start…


anderson12Perhaps too far in the other direction?





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