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New partners in Anderson Law

Following our news, a few weeks ago, that Anderson Law’s offices had moved to the Manor House at Howbery Park, in Wallingford, IP Draughts can now report another development.

With immediate effect, Stephen Brett and AnnMarie Humphries have become partners in the firm. They join Mark, Paul and Lisa. IP Draughts is delighted that Stephen and AnnMarie have agreed to be partners in what is now a five-partner firm.

Stephen Brett has been with Anderson Law as a consultant since 2011. He was previously the senior in-house lawyer at what is now called Oxford University Innovations, for a 5-year period. He has a first degree in law from the University of Oxford and an LLM in computer law from Queen Mary, University of London. As well as working with the range of clients that Anderson Law has, he has developed a specialist practice working with NHS Trusts and government agencies.

AnnMarie Humphries joined Anderson Law as a trainee in 2011. She had previously spent 9 years at Unilever in various senior management roles, having started as a management trainee. She has a masters degree in chemical and bioprocess engineering with environmental management from the University of Bath, and is currently studying part-time for an LLM in intellectual property law from the University of Edinburgh. As well as working with the range of clients that Anderson Law has, she has developed a specialist practice working with computer games companies on transactional and regulatory issues.

One of AnnMarie’s first duties as a trainee was to design this website!

The firm has grown steadily since IP Draughts started it in his front room in Richmond, London, nearly 25 years ago. In 2000, the firm moved to Shillingford in Oxfordshire. In 2011, we converted to an LLP, when Paul became a partner. A couple of years later, Lisa joined the partnership.

We now have 12 people, and 2 new trainees will be joining us later in the year. This makes us one of the largest transactional IP practices in the country. Our main client groups include:

  • growing, high-tech companies (including life-science companies)
  • computer-games companies and their investors
  • universities and hospitals
  • government agencies
  • overseas law firms

Our core values are simple: technical excellence, high standards of service, and a straightforward approach, delivered by engaging lawyers who have good industry knowledge.


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A new era for Anderson Law

It has finally happened. The removal men came this morning and took the contents of Anderson Law’s offices away. As IP Draughts writes, the office is being reassembled at Howbery Business Park, in Wallingford, three miles away.

IP Draughts moved from London to Shillingford in 2000, and built a new house and office there a couple of years later. While that office was being built, we managed to squeeze four desks into an outbuilding in the garden, known as the Pigeon Loft (for the obvious reason that a previous owner had used it as a pigeon loft). Julie Hutson, then IP Draughts’ trainee, and now an in-house lawyer at the Wellcome Trust, had one of those desks. IP Draughts and the Draughtatrix lived in a caravan in the garden for a year.

Since then, the office has grown, and we now have 12 employees, with another two to start later in the year. It was time to find larger accommodation.

From today, the office is to be found in the top floor of the Manor House, a grand Victorian mansion at Howbery Business Park. Our rooms probably started life as the servants’ bedrooms. The house was built by a Member of Parliament in about 1850; he overreached himself with his building project, and ended up in a debtors’ prison in Oxford. In the mid-twentieth century, the house and its land was acquired by a government research station. Nowadays, the research station is a private company and is also the landlord of numerous companies that have offices and laboratories across the site.

We will have access to some spectacular conference rooms. If you would like us to run meetings there, such as negotiations, mediations or training, please let IP Draughts know. The site also has a restaurant and cafe, a gym and a nursery school.

IP Draughts will continue to use the Shillingford office as a home office, while also maintaining an office at Howbery Park.

The new office address is:

Anderson Law LLP, Manor House, Howbery Park, Benson Lane, Wallingford, Oxfordshire OX10 8BA.

Telephone numbers and email addresses remain unchanged.

UPDATE. Here are some photos of IP Draughts new office, and the view from his window.



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Time to rethink IP laws

Here is a link to my article which appeared in the Law Society Gazette today, titled, “Time to Rethink IP Laws”.

This short opinion piece tackles, from a different direction (changing English law rather than introducing an international convention), a subject that is addressed more fully in my 5,000 word chapter in a University of Geneva Faculty of Laws publication, Technology Transactions, mentioned on this blog here.

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Where should this blog go?

Last week, IP Draughts was on holiday, steering a canal boat through the Midlands of England. As holidays are meant to do, it has prompted him to think about his professional life and what he wants to do next.

This blog has been running for seven and a half years. It contains over 600 articles, which together have been viewed over 700,000 times. This is, presumably, in addition to the viewings of emails of the blog’s articles, which are received by over 1,000 subscribers. Over 90% of the articles on the blog were written by IP Draughts. Typically, an article takes him about 3 hours to write. In total, there has been an investment of about 2,000 hours’ work in the blog. This is minor compared with the time invested in our books, articles and training courses, but it still adds up.

IP Draughts has not received a penny of revenue directly from writing the blog. He hopes that there have been some indirect professional benefits, in the form of additional client work or bookings on his courses, but these are difficult to quantify.

Readers, your views are invited as to what IP Draughts should do with this blog. Should he:

  1. Make no change, and continue writing articles as before.
  2. Decide that most of the topics relevant to the blog have been covered, and only add new articles when something major happens.
  3. Introduce new types of articles / new writers, and if so what and whom.
  4. Introduce WordPress adverts and make a small revenue from them.
  5. Convert the blog into a subscription service, and if so what would be a reasonable charge.
  6. Combine some of the articles into a book in time for the Christmas list.

Your views would be welcomed, including on any ideas you may have that are not listed above. Please feel free to post comments on this blog or email me separately at






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