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Our new Associate Partner

This blog was born in 2011. Our trainee at the time, AnnMarie Humphries, took on the task of designing it. She applied her usual high standards to a task that fell well outside the typical job description of a trainee solicitor, and came up with a very handsome design that is still in use today.

Six years on, AnnMarie has a new title and role – that of Associate Partner. IP Draughts can’t honestly claim that this promotion is due to her work on this blog, but it is a visual illustration of her many skills. Below is our offical notice. Congratulations to AnnMarie!


AnnMarie joined us as a trainee solicitor in 2011, after 9 years working as a graduate trainee and then a commercial manager at Unilever. She has a masters degree in engineering from the University of Bath. She re-qualified as a solicitor early in 2013.

AnnMarie has broad experience of working with our high-tech, life-science and university clients on commercial and intellectual property matters. She has developed a particular specialism working with the gaming and gambling sector, including dealing with their commercial transactions and regulatory issues. Her earlier experience of commercial management, including instructing external lawyers, gives her invaluable insights, which our clients have welcomed.

We are delighted to recognise AnnMarie’s contribution to the firm through this new job title.


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World patent lawyer rankings 2017

The 2017 edition of IAM Patent 1000: Guide to the World’s Patent Practitioners, was published yesterday.

This publication is one of the two directories to which IP Draughts’ firm makes submissions each year, along with Chambers Directory.

IP Draughts is delighted to see that his firm has, once again, been ranked in the top category (highly recommended) for transactions in the UK. He is proud to see the firm listed with these other, eminent firms:

IP Draughts and his partner, Lisa Allebone PhD, are individually ranked again this year. We are very grateful to the clients who said good things about us to the IAM editorial team.

It is also good to see some of IP Draughts’ friends and colleagues are also listed, including some of his fellow-teachers on the UCL IP transactions course – he spotted Mark Lubbock, Chris Shelley, Sally Shorthose and Matthew Warren.

Among non-UK lawyers who are recommended in this year’s guide, he spotted several friends and colleagues, including:

  • Denis Schertenleib – France
  • Stefan Kohler – Switzerland
  • Pam Cox – USA (Illinois)

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Point 5 million views for a blog about IP contracts

zoellaYou heard it here first: this blog has little in common with Zoella. It has neither the beauty tips nor the massive readership of that social media sensation. IP Draughts would be delighted to have 11 million subscribers and nearly a billion views, but sadly we must make do with more modest numbers. IP Draughts assumes, without evidence, that most of our blog’s readers are not teenage girls.

Today is, however, a milestone in our progress. As well as being a couple of weeks off the blog’s 6th birthday, and reaching 500 posts, we now have over half a million views. Monthly views have been in the region of 10,000 for the last year or more.

halfThis is steady but modest, even by the standards of IP blogs such as IPKat, which has had over 22 million views, or contract blogs such as Adams on Contract Drafting, which gets more than half a million views each year. In slight mitigation, both of these blogs have been running for much longer than IP Draughts.

Our subject-matter is a very specialist area of legal practice, at the intersection of IP and contract law. From comments that we have received, it seems that the blog is popular with its readers. But the readers are – how should we put this politely – a special group of people.

Please do let us know if you have suggestions for how we might expand the readership while not losing the main purpose of the blog. And thank you for your support over the last 6 years.






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Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts 4th edn

drafting-book-4th-ednIP Draughts is delighted to see that the 4th edition of Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts has now been published. A cardboard box full of copies arrived at Anderson Towers last week; a late, but welcome, Christmas present.

The 1st edition of this book was published in 1997, nearly 20 years ago. Then, the main body of the book comprised 149 pages. The 4th edition has 351 pages. Much of the work on recent editions has been done by IP Draughts’ co-author Victor Warner, who joined Anderson & Company, as it was then called, at around the time the 1st edition was published.

The preface to the 1st edition stated that book was conceived as “a practical guide for contract draftsmen. It discusses both legal issues (including issues of contract law which directly affect contract drafting, and how the courts approach the task of interpreting contract wording) and practical issues (including contract drafting techniques, and issues which commonly arise in contractual negotiations).”

And don't forget to buy this one as well...

And don’t forget to buy this one as well…

Twenty years on, the core purpose of the book remains unchanged. It has been expanded and updated, and now includes chapters on electronic signatures, consumer contracts, advanced drafting techniques, and practical subjects like checking documents prior to signature. The chapter on interpretation by the courts takes into account a flurry of recent decisions by the UK Supreme Court, including Arnold v Britton in 2015. There is an extensive glossary of terms used in contracts, including covenant and time is of the essence.

The book is intended to be suitable for both lawyers and non-lawyers. If you feel an overwhelming compulsion to buy a copy, you can do so here.

We are working on the 4th edition of its companion volume, A-Z Guide to Boilerplate and Commercial Clauses, which should be completed in the next 6 months.

“…not only essential reading for commercial lawyers and
contract managers, but also an excellent address for anyone
who wishes to negotiate or draft commercial contracts… this
book certainly is the indispensable work of reference for
everyone concerned with commercial contracts”
German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce, commenting on 3rd edition


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