Technical skills, the foundation of success

skillathonThis article argues that strong technical skills are essential for a successful career as an IP lawyer. They provide a secure foundation. Other qualities, such as ambition, user-friendliness, temperamental compatibility with your working environment, market knowledge and commercial awareness, are useful but more ephemeral.

Technical skills come in different forms. For transactional IP lawyers, they include:

  • knowledge and understanding of different areas of law, including IP, contracts, competition, and tax, and applying that knowledge to transactions
  • contract drafting skills
  • communication skills, including negotiation and client management
  • organisational skills

Some of these skills are learnt through formal training; others are learnt on the job. In IP Draughts’ firm we give a high priority to helping juniors to learn through supervision and mentoring, and by encouraging people to read around their subject and attend post-graduate courses, such the one-week UCL IP Transactions course (running again this November) and the Oxford IP diploma course.

If you are a transactional IP lawyer, give as high a priority to technical skills as we do, and want to build your career in a pleasant, supportive working environment, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact IP Draughts or one of his partners for an initial chat.

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