Pandora Pettifog’s progress

carReaders will recall that the whirlwind known as Pandora Pettifog has emerged from nowhere, and is in the process of taking over both IP Draughts’ firm and the Law Society. She is also fast-becoming a go-to person to chair UK quangos (quasi-autonomous, non-governmental organisations). Rumour has it that, once the UK population has been vaccinated, she may become chair of an advisory committee on the distribution of spare quantities of Covid19 vaccine to developing countries.

Last week’s news (in real life) about the resignation of the President of the Law Society has resulted in all the junior officers of the Law Society moving up a step, and leaving a vacancy for election as Deputy Vice-President. This is an opportunity for Pandora, but also a potential risk. It seems likely that future candidates for high office in the Law Society will face additional disclosure obligations, and positive vetting. In light of her past and present relationships with deposed African dictators, she is havering over whether to seek election.

Things are starting to settle down at Anderson Towers. We have found Pandora a support team that is robust enough to cope with her lack of people skills. The team includes as her PA an ex-Army chauffeur, Jolene, whose CV indicates, helpfully, that she is trained in both evasive manoeuvres, and hand-to-hand combat. At her interview she mentioned that she enjoyed shouting at senior officers when sat in her car, and telling them to duck. Jolene has asked us to buy a bullet-proof car for Pandora, but the partners are not keen. The other team member is a senior associate whose previous career was as a mental health nurse. As long as we keep Pandora away from the rest of the staff, all will be fine.


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2 responses to “Pandora Pettifog’s progress

  1. annaferos

    Thank you for the Monday morning laugh, Mark – I needed it!

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