Online courses from IP Draughts and UCL

UCL Laws has been advertising IP Draughts’ forthcoming one-day courses for some time. The current batch is being held via Zoom for a reduced price. Details can be found on the UCL Laws Events pages here.

We are running each of these courses as two half-days, i.e. Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Next week’s course is definitely going ahead and is one that has been popular for about 15 years: Drafting Legal Clauses in Commercial Contracts.

The following week, IP Terms in Research Contracts is scheduled (subject to numbers booking).

IP Draughts will be using the camera and microphone that the European Patent Academy sent him some years ago, when he ran a series of webinars for them on IP licensing. The experience that he gained then has been very useful in managing the current batch of training courses. One of IP Draughts’ colleagues will be on hand to manage the chat function, though we hope that you will participate by asking questions and commenting live via the video link.

We are all becoming very experienced at using Zoom, so IP Draughts expects next week’s course to run smoothly!

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