Sexagenerians of the world, unite!

IP Draughts’ tripometer of life has recently shifted its gears. The second wheel from the right now displays a 6. If the algorithms of WordPress, Twitter and LinkedIn will permit him to say so, he is now a sexagenarian.

He has been studying the law for over 40 years, and practising commercial and IP law for over 35 years. He enjoys his professional life, and has no plans to retire, or to stop his other current roles, including teaching and writing.

He would like the next 15 years or so to count, though. Not cruising along, but building on past experiences to take on new challenges. He has a few irons in the fire, such as trying to raise interest in developing international standards for IP agreements. And recently qualifying as a mediator. He has some experience of policy work and chairing organisations. And his client work has been taking some interesting new directions.

But where these strands will take him is unclear. Searching to find a project can be frustrating. It is great when a new project has started, and one can apply thought and effort to make it a success.

Please consider IP Draughts for any interesting new projects that you may have.



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2 responses to “Sexagenerians of the world, unite!

  1. C D Daniel

    Happy Birthday Mark

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