Man on the Bondi Tram to return?

Readers with long memories will recall IP Draughts’ mention of a deceased Australian cousin of the Man on the Clapham Omnibus (the archetypal “reasonable man” in English law): the Man on the Bondi Tram. Deceased because the Sydney tram network was ripped up nearly 60 years ago.

Recently, IP Draughts was excited to read about the construction of new, light railway networks in Sydney, which could be viewed as the successors to the trams. Can any Sydney reader tell us whether Clapham Man’s cousin is, in fact, alive and well, and roaming the light railway network in a reasonable manner?


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2 responses to “Man on the Bondi Tram to return?

  1. Tony McStea

    Naoh waories, mite, she’s roite!

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