Always hire people better than you

IP Draughts has usually tried to employ people that he thinks have more innate skills than him, more drive and a better personality. This was illustrated in a wonderful way last night, when IP Draughts’ partner (and former trainee) in Anderson Law, Paul Maclennan, won an award as “volunteer of the year” at the PraxisAuril annual conference.

For those who don’t know, PraxisAuril is the UK membership organisation for people in universities who are involved in interfacing with the commercial world, such as technology transfer managers. To quote the strapline on their website:

Our members enable universities and businesses to work in partnership, sharing research and developing discoveries for the benefit of society and the economy

Paul has been closely involved with the training committee of PraxisAuril, has chaired and spoken at their training courses (including courses that IP Draughts used to teach on) and has helped to train the next generation of trainers. The award is thoroughly deserved.

The award was announced at the gala dinner of the annual conference, which both Paul and IP Draughts attended.  It was a very pleasant surprise to see Paul win, as there was some high quality competition on the short list for the award. Fortunately, Paul had changed into a suit and tie (unlike IP Draughts), so his attire was immaculate!

IP Draughts was attending the conference to provide members with an update on a project being pursued by a PraxisAuril working group that he and Paula Alessandro of Queen Mary Innovation Ltd are co-chairing. Evidence of this presentation (just about) is below! The project is to develop some standard documents for university spin-out transactions, in consultation with representatives of universities and investors. We are nearly at the stage of having a term sheet finalised.

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  1. C D Daniel

    Well done Paul

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