He is very good at managing time

IP Draughts is making a collection of slightly off-beat feedback from his courses. Comments like “useful course”,  or “knowledgeable teacher” don’t make the cut.

Last month, someone commented (about a course) that IP Draughts was “very good at managing time”. Welcome as this comment is, it doesn’t really get to the heart of whether the course benefitted the student. But if keeping to time is important to you, come on IP Draughts’ courses!

Some years ago, IP Draughts ran his course Introduction to Contracts as an in-house course for the legal secretaries of a well-known media company, based in West London. They seemed to appreciate it, with comments such as “good to be treated as a human being for once and to use my brain”, and “Mark has a nice smile”. Discretion prevents IP Draughts from naming the company!

To counter the saccharine of these comments, on another occasion IP Draughts was asked to run one of his courses at a university summer school, which was attended by undergraduates in various subjects. One of the students commented that the teaching was very superficial, which he said was inevitable as the lecturer wasn’t capable of anything more. When IP Draughts thinks how much time he spent trying to ensure that the material had substance, while avoiding a leaden style of presentation… Fortunately most of the students had positive comments.

Next week, IP Draughts and about 30 colleagues from IP practices will be giving our annual, 5-day course on IP transactions at the UCL Faculty of Laws. We hope that we will get good (and relevant) feedback!





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