After a flurry of posts over the Christmas period, IP Draughts is feeling lazy, so will just note some feedback on recent posts.

First, his poll on whether Captain May should enter the neutral zone to rescue the Kobayashi Maru – an imperfect analogy for the current political dilemma over Brexit. The results are in:

  • 55% of readers who responded to the poll favour abandoning the Kobayashi Maru / Brexit. If this involves a mutiny against Captain May, so be it.
  • 10% think she should continue with her deal with the Klingons / European Commission.
  • 17% think she should go all-guns-blazing into the neutral zone / no-deal Brexit.
  • 17% favour other solutions (with no single theme emerging, as far as IP Draughts can tell).

Readers of this blog may not be entirely representative of the country as a whole. The above figures add up to 99% due to rounding.

Next, you heard it first from IP Draughts. A week after his post on the legal aid solicitor who was ordered to pay back £22 million to the Legal Aid Fund, the national press has finally picked up the story and adorned it with colourful details about the central character, Mr Blavo. See, for example, these stories in the Times and the Daily Mail.

Finally, and again on the subject of polls, IP Draughts’ poll about unconscious bias against lawyers produced some interesting results.

  • 48% of people who responded thought many lawyers have highly relevant skills for chairing roles – a reassuring result for IP Draughts in his quest for an interesting chairing role.
  • 44% were neutral on the subject – they thought it depended on the individual. That kind of objective, analytical stance is also welcomed.
  • 6% were sceptical about lawyers as chairs of committees and boards.
  • 2% (1 person) had another answer, namely “Should make no difference, diffent people bring different skills.” IP Draughts is inclined to add this result to the “neutral” response mentioned above.

While the results sound very sensible to IP Draughts, he is conscious that the readership of this blog may have a different approach to some of the appointing bodies for chairing roles.

Best wishes for 2019 to all of IP Draughts’ readers, whatever their views.

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