IP Draughts’ Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa

This year, IP Draughts has been very good, and he deserves some Christmas presents.

Here is his big list of presents that he would like. He hopes Santa doesn’t get stuck in the chimney at Anderson Towers when he delivers them.

  1. This blog to reach one million views, and to receive some public recognition.
  2. More picters (well, any, really) in the Journal of the Society of Legal Scholars.
  3. More success and recognition for the millions of people who are competent (or trying to become competent), diligent and kind, but who are useless at office politics.
  4. More repeats of To Catch a Thief on TV. (No, repeats of The Transporter are not an acceptable substitute.)
  5. National support for Remain to rise above 60% in three consecutive opinion polls.
  6. Someone to offer IP Draughts a really interesting, part-time role chairing a public body or inquiry.
  7. More episodes of the Secret Diary in the Journal of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys.
  8. Some progress on the project to develop international standards for IP transactions (UN agencies, please note!).
  9. The abolition of marzipan, liquorice, and fish roe.
  10. Last but not least, good physical and mental health for all of IP Draughts’ family, friends and colleagues.

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