Ownership of IP in academic inventions

An LLM student at Queen Mary, University of London, asked IP Draughts today whether he had posted an article on the 2008/9 case of University of Western Australia v Gray. The student’s lecturer, John Hull (who is also a teacher on the UCL course on IP Transactions that IP Draughts convenes) had set a question about the case as an assignment, and had apparently recommended that students look at this blog.

Unfortunately, the case predates the blog, so until now the answer was no. But IP Draughts likes to be helpful, and in the back of his mind he recalled writing an article on the case. Which he has now found. And posted on this blog, via the link below. The style of the article is a little different to those typically posted on this blog, but it was written a decade ago!

Academic employee owns his inventions

Some employers use golden handcuffs…

The case is partly about an ineffective university IP policy, and the large sum of money that the university lost as a consequence.

Happy reading!

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