Three cheers for the manicule

This golden oldie has a timeless quality, and gives IP Draughts another excuse to use a manicule. (No, not manicure, mr predictive text.)

IP Draughts

Lord Denning MR was arguably the most important English judge of the twentieth century.  As first-year law students at university, IP Draughts and his fellow student, Andy Livesey, sent Lord Denning a telegram to congratulate him on his 81st birthday, and received a very nice letter in reply.

In the area of contract drafting, one of the more striking of Lord Denning’s judicial comments was about the need for a “red hand” in the margin of a contract, to point to a one-sided contract term.  This comment was made, obiter dictum, in the case of J Spurling Ltd v Bradshaw[1956] EWCA Civ 3.  What he actually said was:

I quite agree that the more unreasonable a clause is, the greater the notice which must be given of it. Some clauses which I have seen would need to be printed in red ink on the face of…

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