Lawyer rankings for IP transactions 2018

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It’s that time of the year again, when the international rankings for patent lawyers, produced by IAM Patent 1000, are published.

IP Draughts’ firm makes submissions to IAM Patent 1000 and to Chambers Directory. These guides, together with the Legal 500, have some credibility and value, in IP Draughts’ view. They take up references from clients, and ask lawyers in the sector for their views on their peers and competitors. If IP Draughts were looking for a lawyer in another discipline or jurisdiction, he would use these guides to assist him to find someone. (Some of the other guides, he would simply ignore.)

He is delighted to see that the UK chapter of IAM 2018:

  • lists Anderson Law LLP as “highly recommended” for transactions (along with 5 very large and well-known firms);
  • lists Mark Anderson as “highly recommended” for transactions; and
  • lists Lisa Allebone PhD as “recommended” for transactions.

And describes Anderson Law as follows:

“Anderson law provides excellent support on contractual arrangements with third parties, including licence and shareholder agreements and consultancy and revenue-sharing contracts. Its service is very professional, with clear, prompt responses to all enquiries and excellent knowledge not only of the legal issues but also of the long-term commercial implications actions might have.” Name partner Mark Anderson is the go-to lawyer for entrepreneurs, start-ups, research institutes and private companies in the United Kingdom seeking top-notch transactional support. “A real thought leader,” he has three decades’ experience under his belt. His teammate Lisa Allebone has her fair share of fans; a seasoned pro at setting up spin-out companies for universities, life sciences is her favourite technological space.

It is also good to see that some of IP Draughts’ colleagues on his annual course on IP transactions, held at UCL Laws, are recommended in IAM, including:

  • Chris Shelley
  • Sally Shorthose
  • Matthew Warren
  • Mark Lubbock

On the international stage, it is good to see that some of IP Draughts’ fellow members of the BioLaw Europe referral network are listed in their country chapters of IAM, including:

  • Denis Schertenlieb (France)
  • Stefan Kohler (Switzerland)

And that some of the non-UK contributors to his looseleaf work, Drafting Agreements in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries are recommended by IAM, including:

  • Pamela Cox (USA)
  • Christine Kanz (Germany)

If you are looking for an IP lawyer, we may be able to help you in the search.


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  1. great! the post is very unique and valuable. thanks for the nice blog.

  2. Seems to be well deserved, if I may say so! I enjoy your blog and the insights into so many aspects of interpretation that you share.

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