Would you like to train as a transactional IP lawyer?

In case you have missed it, our firm advertised a training contract earlier this week. Details can be found on the Anderson Law website here.

In the last 20 years, IP Draughts has provided training contracts to 8 talented lawyers. Of the 8, 6 continue to work at Anderson Law: two are partners (and recommended in Chambers Directory), one is an associate partner, one is a consultant, and two are associates. The other two have moved on to other pastures, one as an in-house IP lawyer with Wellcome Trust in London, and one as an in-house IP lawyer with Philips in the Netherlands.

We provide an intensive training in IP and contracts. IP Draughts’ view is that, on qualification, our trainees are at an equivalent level to a two-year associate in many commercial law firms.

Our staff are encouraged to take part-time, postgraduate qualifications. Presently, one is doing a part-time LLM, one is doing the Oxford IP diploma course, and others have gone through these and other courses, including IP Draughts’ IP transactions course at UCL.

Advanced technical skills provide a secure foundation for legal advice, but they are only the foundations. Our lawyers also need to be astute, engaging, and skilled in the practical arts of a legal adviser, including drafting, negotiation, tailoring advice to client needs, and helping our clients to achieve their commercial objectives. We all need to keep practising these skills and learning throughout our careers. There is no such thing as a perfect lawyer.

If you have the right mix of technical ability, personality, and ambition to improve, we would love to hear from you. And if you are already qualified and would like to work with us, please let IP Draughts know. Although we don’t have a formal vacancy for a qualified lawyer, we are always interested to hear from people who might add something to our team.

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