Our support for the KT sector


Health warning: this is an advert.

Anderson Law LLP has the largest and most experienced team of knowledge-transfer (KT) lawyers in the UK. Our 11 lawyers, between them, have many decades of experience of advising universities, research charities, NHS Trusts, government agencies and spin-out companies, as well as larger companies that collaborate with academic organisations.

Mark Anderson CLP, RTTP, EUKTS

As well as our main client base in the UK, we have recently received instructions from academic and commercial clients in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, and the USA. Going back a little further, we have advised clients in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and Norway.

Paul Maclennan



Through our membership of BioLawEurope FmbA, an association of lawyers (mostly in ‘boutique’ specialist firms) across Europe, and through our other contacts built up over 25 years, we can help you find legal advice in other countries.

Lisa Allebone

If you have enjoyed our contributions to the knowledge-transfer community, including:

  • Our PraxisUnico Guides, and our guides and templates for Knowledge Transfer Ireland;
  • Stephen Brett

    This blog, which has hundreds of articles on legal and practice issues that are relevant to the KT community;

  • Our other books and template agreements, including Technology Transfer (first published over 20 years ago; 4th edition in preparation);
  • Our contributions to PraxisUnico training courses (organising and speaking) over several years;
  • Our 5-day course on IP Transactions, held annually at UCL for the last 5 years; and
  • Mark Anderson’s chairmanship of the IP Law Committee of the Law Society of England and Wales, which lobbies for improvements in IP laws (e.g. the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Act 2017, which comes into force on 1 October 2017);

AnnMarie Humphries

why not consider instructing us, next time you need advice, support in negotiations, help with policy issues, mediation services, or a set of template agreements? Contact mark@andlaw.eu or on [44][0] 1865 858 878 for an initial, free discussion.

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