What is an IP Strategist?

IP Draughts was recently involved in a discussion about the communications gap that can exist between an IT service provider and its corporate client, and whether an intermediary should be involved who is fluent in the language of IT and of the boardroom. A similar question seems to arise in relation to some patent service providers and their corporate clients, and where the gap is filled by the IP Strategist. This brought to mind this golden oldie. Read on…

IP Draughts

IP Draughts can’t seem to stop stumbling across internet discussions of a question that is puzzling many IP lawyers: what, exactly, is an IP Strategist?

The question is brought into focus by the fact that there is an international league table of IP Strategists, which forms part of the IAM250 series. In its first year, this table comprised the members of the International IP Strategists Association, or INTIPSA.

Whether or not they are strategic, IP lawyers tend to be competitive, sceptical and analytical.  This tugs them in different directions over a league table like this one.  Should they try to join it, and claim kudos from belonging to such a rare and exclusive club, or should they point out the flaws in the concept of a group that is distinct from, but overlaps with, IP lawyers?

IP Strategists advise on commercial strategy in relation to IP assets. In view…

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