Where do you find good drafters?

IP Draughts wishes to offer thoughtful commentary but not to offend. Postings are works in progress, drafted in a few hours, rather than polished publications. On this occasion, the post prompted some discussion and reflection, as a result of which he has decided it would be best to delete it. He may return to the subject at a later date.

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One response to “Where do you find good drafters?

  1. On your first point, I don’t read “not definitive” as a criticism. To me, it says, there are alternative, respectable solutions to the identified problem [and Ken’s is a good one for the reasons he has indicated; but by saying I support his work it doesn’t imply that I will always choose his solution or that I need to].

    Your favourites are also my favourites.

    I agree about semantic acuity, though it leads me on to consider whether this quality is inherent in some people or can be taught – nature or nurture. I hope that one of the things I teach my trainees is to look critically at every word of a sentence. As for testing for it, this may be part of school tests on comprehension and spelling, which were my two favourite subjects; I have no idea whether these subjects are still taught and tested.

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