Incorporation by Royal Charter: more classy than a conventional company

This week’s golden oldie is about bodies incorporated by Royal Charter. A practical tip for these, is that when they execute deeds, they need to apply their seal, unlike Companies Act companies and individuals. This is sometimes overlooked in the draft deeds of assignment that IP Draughts receives from City law firms.

IP Draughts

IP Draughts’ attention has recently been brought to a fascinating document: a complete list of the bodies incorporated by Royal Charter in the United Kingdom, as set out on the Privy Council website.  Thanks to Sean Cummings of Keltie and Tom Sharman of Reddie and Grose for pointing out this list.

To his shame, IP Draughts was surprised to discover that the Privy Council has a website, and even more surprised to find that it provides commercially-useful information in a convenient, spreadsheet format.  In IP Draughts’ mind, the Privy Council is associated with the court of Henry VIII or Elizabeth I.  It jars to think of such an august and ceremonial body making use of modern technology

The information is not as arcane as it may seem. Most, if not all, of our UK university clients are incorporated by Royal Charter.  When entering into a contract, it is important…

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