Contract seminars over the next few weeks

IP Draughts will be running a series of one-day seminars at the UCL Faculty of Laws over the next few weeks. The full list and dates appear below.

Or, at least, they will run if we get sufficient numbers of bookings. Some, such as Advanced IP Licensing, and IP Terms in Research Contracts, always seem to be popular. Others, such as Introduction to Contracts and Advanced Contract Drafting, are less predictable in their appeal.

Which is a shame, as IP Draughts thinks they all provide lively and useful training for their intended audiences. Perhaps the UCL Laws mailing list, which is skewed towards IP practitioners in view of the popularity of IBIL (Institute of Brand and Innovation Law) events, doesn’t pick up enough general contract audiences.

Some of our courses run more frequently as in-house courses than as public courses. If you have at least 3 or 4 colleagues who want to join you in attending a course, it may be more cost-effective, and time-effective, for IP Draughts to visit you to give a seminar. In the last few months, he has given in-house talks to companies, universities and NHS Trusts, in locations as varied as Cambridge, Coventry, Eindhoven and London, and has discussed the feasibility of running seminars in Dublin and Edinburgh.

The next batch of courses will be:

25 May – Introduction to Contracts (designed for non-lawyers and trainees)

30 May – Advanced IP Licensing (for experienced practitioners)

6 June – IP Terms in Research Contracts (for lawyers and commercial managers)

13 June – Drafting Clinical Trial Agreements (for lawyers, commercial managers and trial managers)

22 June – Drafting Legal Terms in Commercial Contracts (for practitioners who want to understand better topics such as warranties, indemnities, entire agreement, law and jurisdiction clauses, etc)

26 June – Advanced Contract Drafting (for experienced practitioners who want to focus on improving their contract drafting generally)

Details of these courses, location and cost can be found on the UCL Laws website here.

UCL Laws is registered as a CPD provider with the SRA, Bar Standard Board and IPReg.

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