Does the IP system work for SMEs?

This article, from nearly 5 years ago, still reflects IP Draughts’ views. The Patents County Court is now called the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, and has lived up to its promise, particularly since fees were capped at £50,000.

IP Draughts

The arguments run something like this:

  1. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the economic life-blood of the nation, contributing more jobs and prosperity than any other part of the economy.  In a time of recession, more needs to be done to encourage them and make them successful.  We should focus G0vernment efforts on this sector rather than the bloated banking sector or other areas that can and should take care of themselves.
  2. We can no longer compete with countries such as China for basic manufacturing, and we are not as good as Americans at sales.  Our “added value” comes from professional services, from basic science, inventions and R&D, and from the creative industries.  In many of these sectors, intellectual property (IP) is of central importance.
  3. The IP system – particularly protection and enforcement – is designed for the needs of major companies.  While it may work well for huge disputes…

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