Point 5 million views for a blog about IP contracts

zoellaYou heard it here first: this blog has little in common with Zoella. It has neither the beauty tips nor the massive readership of that social media sensation. IP Draughts would be delighted to have 11 million subscribers and nearly a billion views, but sadly we must make do with more modest numbers. IP Draughts assumes, without evidence, that most of our blog’s readers are not teenage girls.

Today is, however, a milestone in our progress. As well as being a couple of weeks off the blog’s 6th birthday, and reaching 500 posts, we now have over half a million views. Monthly views have been in the region of 10,000 for the last year or more.

halfThis is steady but modest, even by the standards of IP blogs such as IPKat, which has had over 22 million views, or contract blogs such as Adams on Contract Drafting, which gets more than half a million views each year. In slight mitigation, both of these blogs have been running for much longer than IP Draughts.

Our subject-matter is a very specialist area of legal practice, at the intersection of IP and contract law. From comments that we have received, it seems that the blog is popular with its readers. But the readers are – how should we put this politely – a special group of people.

Please do let us know if you have suggestions for how we might expand the readership while not losing the main purpose of the blog. And thank you for your support over the last 6 years.






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2 responses to “Point 5 million views for a blog about IP contracts

  1. Thanks Alex, for your kind comments and suggestion.
    Best wishes

  2. Dear IPDraughts,
    My sincerest thanks for this blog. It is an honor and an invaluable experience for me. Thank you for maintaining high standards of quality in a legal profession. With regards to expansion of the readership, I think it makes sense to focus on the legal review of the clauses found on the internet.

    Best regards,

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