UCL course on IP transactions 2017

brochure coverFive-and-a-half years ago, this blog proposed the development of an in-depth course on IP transactions. IP Draughts was delighted when Professor Sir Robin Jacob agreed to host it at University College London’s Faculty of Laws.

The first outing was in February 2013. It was a week-long course, providing 29 continuing education hours. It was designed for, and mainly attended by, newly-qualified IP lawyers, though we also had a number of patent attorneys, commercial managers (including university TT managers) and overseas lawyers. We had about 30 volunteer speakers, and about 35 students. This blog reflected on the first year’s outing here.

Within 12 months, the course won both a UCL Provost’s Teaching Award, and a Law Society Excellence Award (Highly Commended).

The fifth outing of this annual event will take place at UCL from 3rd to 7th April 2017. Bookings so far are in the mid-20s, so we still have some vacancies. Please get your booking application in as soon as possible, if you have not already done so!

Student feedback from the 2016 course:

“Brilliant course – really helped to tie together
what were, in my head, lots of “loose strands””

“Overall I thought the course was really practical
and relevant.”

“…the course was very good…”

“…a highly impressive and informative course
which I will recommend highly.”

“Excellent delivery, good overview of issues.”

“…I would recommend the course.”

“Very useful and practical, very clear and easy to

“Very well structured…very good, interactive
and clear.”

“…the talks were excellent and very helpful.”

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