A shrewdness of courses later this year

apesThe collective names for animals throw up some oddities. Actually, park that thought. Did you know that the origin of the name Grosvenor (the family name of the Dukes of Westminster, who have vast wealth from owning expensive bits of London) is gros venor, also rendered as grand veneur, which is Norman French for head huntsman? Apparently an early member of the family was a loyal servant of William the Conqueror and received this honorary title. A thousand years later, his descendant the 7th Duke has inherited a £9 billion fortune, and is a friend of the Royal Family. Who said that we lived in a meritocracy with equality of opportunity?

The link above is for a Wikipedia page for “terms of venery” or hunting. Which reminded IP Draughts of the Grosvenor name.

Are you familiar with a shrewdness of apes, or a kettle of hawks? A congregation of magpies, or a lamentation of swans? No matter, unless you participate in pub quizzes.

All of this is displacement activity, to avoid the mercantile business of today, which is to advertise some courses that are being run at UCL Faculty of Laws this Autumn, most of them involving IP Draughts. Details of them can be found on the UCL Laws website here. Or you can go directly to the booking pages on the Eventbrite website, which are linked here.

235The one highlighted below in red is a free evening panel discussion, lasting an hour and a half, and followed by a drinks reception. Panel members include Mr Justice Flaux, former judge in charge of the Commercial Court (the main venue for major contract disputes in London). We have 235 bookings so far; don’t leave it too late to book, as a suitable room will be selected soon based on bookings at that time.

The others are all-day commercial courses, for which a fee is charged. The one in green below is Ken Adams’ course; the others are being given by IP Draughts.

  1. Tue, 4 Oct 09:00 Drafting, Understanding and Working with Contracts: An Advanced-Level Workshop
  2. Tue, 18 Oct 09:00 Drafting and Negotiating Intellectual Property Terms in Research Contracts
  3. Tue, 1 Nov 09:00 Drafting ‘Legal’ Clauses in Commercial Contracts
  4. Mon, 7 Nov 09:00 Drafting Clearer Contracts Course 2016
  5. Tue, 8 Nov 18:00 Dysfunction in Contract Drafting: Are the Courts, Law Firms, and Company Law Departments Stuck in a Rut?
  6. Tue, 15 Nov 09:00 IP Licensing: An Advanced-Level Drafting Workshop
  7. Tue, 29 Nov 09:00 Drafting and Negotiating Contracts with Universities


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