Save the date: UCL debate on dysfunction in drafting

David Dimbleby will not be chairing this debate

David Dimbleby will not be chairing this debate

If you care about contract drafting, you will be interested in a unique debate that University College London will be holding this Autumn, in London. It is free of charge, and you will have an opportunity to submit questions to a panel of experts, as well as hear their different views on this controversial subject.

Dysfunction in Contract Drafting: Are the Courts, Law Firms, and Company Law Departments Stuck in a Rut? will be held on Tuesday 8 November 2016, 18:00 – 19:30 at the UCL Events Pavillion, Main Quad, Gower Street, London WC1.

The four panel members bring impressive credentials to the discussion, including senior-level experience of contracts in the courts, in private practice and in-house. They comprise:

  1. Ken Adams

    Ken Adams

    Ken Adams, US-based contract drafting guru, and author of A Manual of Style of Contract Drafting (American Bar Association, 3rd edition).

  2. Sir Julian Flaux

    Sir Julian Flaux

    The Honourable Mr Justice Flaux, an English High Court judge who until recently was Judge in Charge of the Commercial Court, in London.

  3. Kate Gibbons and friend

    Kate Gibbons and Olly

    Kate Gibbons, a senior banking lawyer at Clifford Chance, and the firm’s Global Knowledge Partner.

  4. Kristin McFetridge

    Kristin McFetridge

    Kristin McFetridge, Chief Counsel at British Telecommunications plc, and currently in charge of a programme to redraft BT’s standard contracts.

IP Draughts will be the compere moderator of the panel discussion. Learning, laughter and linguistics guaranteed! Book your tickets at the link above.


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