Feedback on IP training: the Ghost of Talks Past

nipoA couple of weeks ago, IP Draughts gave an all-day talk on IP licensing at the Norwegian Industrial Property Office in Oslo, where he was made very welcome. Today, he received the feedback from the talk, which is represented in the diagram below.

norway talkThe maximum score that attenders were invited to give was 4, despite the chart showing a range up to 5. 17 people attended and 14 of them provided feedback. The only negative comment about the talk was that the lunch break should have been earlier, at 11.00 or 11.30 am, to fit in with Norwegian practice. IP Draughts wishes he had known about this point so that he could have adjusted his timings; he will try to check it in future. Dear readers, are there any other countries where lunch usually falls outside the period of, say, 12 noon to 2 pm?

The next talk for IP Draughts will be in Sydney, Australia on 30 January, again on the subject of IP licensing. He hopes that the Australian attenders will be as generous with their feedback as the Norwegian attenders were, and that they will tell him if and when their desire for lunch exceeds their hunger for learning.

aucklandIP Draughts’ trip to Australia falls in the middle of a trip to New Zealand from 15 January to 7 February. Unfortunately it didn’t prove possible to arrange any training sessions in New Zealand on this occasion, despite several promising leads. IP Draughts still has some time available on Friday 6 February in Auckland (or, at a pinch, Wellington), if any reader would like to propose an in-house training session on an IP or contract drafting subject on that date. Please contact if you would like to discuss. Otherwise he may be forced to engage in a leisure activity.



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3 responses to “Feedback on IP training: the Ghost of Talks Past


    Yes, China. It depends, but at universities it is not unusual to go for lunch sometime around 11.30.

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  2. In the Central Time Zone of North America, it’s common to start lunch at 1130-1145.

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