Trip to New Zealand and Australia

its only the hair on a gooseberry, That stops it from being a grape.

“…it’s only the hair on a gooseberry/ That stops it from being a grape.”

IP Draughts continues to plan and book his trip to the Antipodes, which will take place between 15 January and 7 February 2015.

The main purpose of the trip is social – to take his mother to visit some relatives in Wellington and South Island, New Zealand – but he is also planning to fit in some paid speaking engagements in New Zealand and Australia. He is delighted to have been engaged (by a reader of this blog and her colleagues) to run one-day, in-house courses in both Sydney and Melbourne, versions of his Advanced IP Licensing course.

There is still an opportunity to give a talk or two in New Zealand, but despite several promising leads, nothing has materialised so far.  Topics could include contract drafting, “legal” clauses in contracts, or IP transactions. Possible dates would be:

Dunedin – Monday 26 or Tuesday 27 January

Wellington – Wednesday 4th or Thursday 5th February

Auckland – Thursday 5th or Friday 6th February

Please let Mark know as soon as possible if you would like to discuss running a course on any of these dates, as final bookings are now being made of flights and hotels.


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2 responses to “Trip to New Zealand and Australia

  1. Hi Mark, can you please post the details of your Melbourne talk? thank you

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