A common name for common lawyers?

andlaw-logo1One of the downsides of our firm having a very common name – Anderson – is the possibility of being confused with others. A year or two back, this caused us problems with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which seemed to think we were a High Street firm from Liverpool that was in dispute with a local taxi driver. They insisted on knowing what our defence was to various allegations of regulatory misconduct. We had to work quite hard before the SRA eventually accepted that they had the wrong firm.

Having recently adopted a new logo, we hope it is clear that we are not the following firms:

anderson1This fourth-dimensional firm from Minnesota.


anderson2 This firm from Michegan, which sounds rather ruff!




anderson3This firm from Montana, which seems to have a rather varied practice.


anderson4This firm from Massachusetts, which asks a very pertinent question.




anderson5This firm from Canada, which employs a small town lawyer providing small town service in a …small town.





anderson6This firm from Australia, which employs real people!


anderson7This faceless (but Scotland-loving?) firm, Anderson Browne, from England (“next to McDonalds”), which seems to let their clients take the lead.





anderson13Well, it’s a start…


anderson12Perhaps too far in the other direction?





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One response to “A common name for common lawyers?

  1. LOL…

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    Anderson Law LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England & Wales (Registered No. OC363977) and is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We use the word partner to refer to a member of the LLP.

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