Hell is other people’s contracts

camusWhile browsing in a bookshop in Montmartre recently, IP Draughts discovered what appeared to be an old play synopsis, stuck inside the front cover of a first edition of Albert Camus’ Collected Essays.

As the play synopsis seemed to be concerned with contract drafting, IP Draughts thought readers might be interested to see it.  Link here. If thought suitable by others, IP Draughts would be willing to lead a crowdfunding consortium to develop this synopsis into a Hollywood film. He suggest that suitable actors to play the lead characters might be:

John – Colin Firth

Randy – John Goodman

Simone – Scarlett Johansson

Maitre d’ – Ralph Fiennes

CEO – Meryl Streep*

Please let IP Draughts know if you think this idea has legs.


* The synopsis indicates a male CEO. If investors think it is important to respect the author’s directions on this point, Kevin Spacey would be a suitable alternative to Meryl Streep.


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3 responses to “Hell is other people’s contracts

  1. Reblogged this on IP Draughts and commented:

    Deal or No Deal? This golden oldie is a short story about the procurement process.

  2. Oooops – forgive the spelling : ” philosophes ” ?

  3. Ah ! Camus ! So well-remembered by the many who were obliged to study La Peste for exams ! So sad he and other French “philospohes” are remembered primarily by the many who were obliged to study [ ] for exams ?

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