IP Draughts’ third anniversary

3This week, our blog has its third birthday. We hope you will indulge IP Draughts in a little navel-gazing.

We have kept to a fairly strict brief, concentrating on the overlap between IP and contracts. This probably limits our readership: our growth has been steady rather than spectacular. We now have 745 subscribers. Since the beginning of this year, weekly viewings on the site have been running at about 2,000. In total, there have been about 165,000 viewings. Many of our contacts tell us that they read the blog regularly and enjoy it.

IP Draughts is interested in the location of our readers.  As might be expected for a UK-based blog, the UK provides the largest number.  They are closely followed by readers in the US.  Following a little way behind is a group of countries that are bunched together in numbers: Canada, Australia, India, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands and France.  This is a mixture of major common law jurisdictions and major EU economies.  We should have a name for them, like BRIC – suggestions, anyone? Perhaps FACINGS?

The most popular posts on the blog over the 3 years of its life (ignoring the home page and an aberration) have been the following:

  • Assignment and change of control: vital boilerplate clauses in IP agreements?
  • Inappropriate use of indemnities
  • Damages are not an adequate remedy: go directly to injunction
  • Shall or will in contracts?
  • 10 words and phrases you should never use in IP contracts
  • Hold harmless revisited
  • 10 tips for successful contract negotiations
  • Top 10 howlers when preparing contracts for signature
  • When is a licence not a licence? When it’s a covenant not to sue?
  • Standard royalty rates? Ain’t no such thing.

riskSome of these topics are relevant to all types of contracts, and not just IP contracts, though the approach we take may be more relevant to trading contracts and those involving a long-term relationship, and less relevant to one-off corporate and financial transactions, such as company acquisitions.  In the latter case, market practice seems to dictate a more hard-edged, risk-averse attitude to drafting and negotiation than this blog advocates.

We are interested to hear what readers think.  Are there topics that you would like us to cover?

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