Sex bomb

sex bomb

There are no interesting IP contract court cases to report this week.

Readers from the academic sector may, however, be interested to read a Court of Appeal case in which an academic is accused of:

“(a) being a sex pest;

(b) being an alcoholic;

(c) being unqualified for his lecturing post at the university;

(d) being guilty of deception in apparently buying his qualifications;

(e) making false promises to external departments of the university;

(f) professional incompetence;

(g) being arrogant and patronising in his manner; and

(h) telling lies.”

IP Draughts can’t imagine any academic he has encountered falling into any of these categories.

mark anderson qcIn other news, IP Draughts’ (“MA1”) namesake, Mark Anderson QC (“MA2”) has become a Deputy High Court judge.  MA1 and MA2 attended Bar School together in 1983 and were in the same advocacy class.  All that MA1 can remember of MA2 is that MA2 commented in class that MA1’s advocacy was “very earnest”.  IP Draughts feels that, after 30 years, he should forgive MA2 for this remark.

Finally, IP Draughts urges people who are still considering whether to sign up for next February’s UCL course IP Transactions: Law and Practice, to get their applications in as soon as possible, and to let Lisa Penfold ( at UCL Faculty of Laws know of their intentions.  The course attracts 29 CPD points and students can take an exam after the course, leading to a Certificate in Intellectual Property Transactions, issued by the Institute of Brands and Innovation Law at UCL.  The official deadline for applications was yesterday, but there are still a few vacancies.  The course brochure can be downloaded from here.

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