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Bookings are now open for &Law’s training courses, which will be running over the Summer of 2013.  The six courses described below are all one-day courses providing the equivalent of 6 hours CPD.  Most courses will be held at lecture facilities in the Faculty of Laws of University College London.

The cost per place at one of these courses is £350 plus VAT.  If you would like us to quote for running one of these courses, or another course, at your organisation’s premises, please let Mark know.

Drafting IP terms in Research Contracts

more detailsLevel: intermediate; date: 11 June 2013

This is a new course for 2013.  It looks in detail at the IP terms that are encountered in different types of research contract and other IP-rich contracts, newcourseincluding EU Framework agreements, KTP agreements, charitable grant terms and a range of other agreements.

The course considers how best to deal with issues such as Background and Foreground IP, reservation of research rights, joint ownership of IP, options over IP and other IP terms.  It also looks at practical issues such as due diligence and the impact that inappropriate IP terms can have on commercialisation plans.

Practical Licensing

more detailsLevel: intermediate; date: 25 June 2013

This course was developed last year by our consultant, Stephen Brett.  It is designed to de-mystify the licensing process, and is suitable for business managers and others who want an overview of IP licensing.

The course starts by looking at some pre-contract issues that often come before the licence itself is negotiated including confidentiality agreements, heads of terms and option agreements.  The bulk of the day is spent looking at the major issues and pitfalls in licensing together with liability and risk management.  The afternoon closes with a review of matters that can arise after signature including the process of terminating the licence.

Contract Drafting: An Advanced-Level Workshop

more detailsLevel: advanced; date: 2 July 2013

This course is for experienced contract drafters who wish to improve their general drafting skills.  It is not suitable for beginners.  It focuses on the general principles of contract drafting and ‘best practice’ and it is not specific to any one type of contract. During the day we will use examples from different types of commercial arrangement, including M&A, IP contracts, and contracts for the sale of goods.  The course includes plenty of practical exercises and examples to enable students to apply the points being discussed.

Drafting ‘Legal’ Provisions in Commercial Contracts

more detailsLevel: intermediate to advanced; date: 9 July 2013

This course focuses on the clauses that commercial parties tend to ask their lawyers to negotiate: warranties, liabilities, indemnities and boilerplate clauses.  Mark has been running versions of this course since 2000, and it is by far the most popular course that he has designed.  It is not specific to any one type of contract, and we use examples across the range of commercial contracts.  It includes a clear explanation of the legal theory behind warranties and indemnities, and discusses commercial/legal practice in such areas as disclosures against warranties, knowledge-based warranties, and the difference between inter-parties indemnities and third party indemnities.  It also debunks some myths about the need for phrases such as “hold harmless” which feature in many template agreements.

IP Licensing: An Advanced-Level Drafting Workshop

more details

Level: advanced; date: 23 July 2013

This is a new course for 2013, which focuses on the detailed content of IP licence agreements, including grant clauses, warranties, performance obligations, and payment terms.  It has been designed to complement and buildnewcourse on the training of the 5-day course on IP Transactions which was held at University College London in February.  It is also suitable for experienced IP practitioners who wish to improve their skills in drafting and negotiating detailed IP licence agreements.  It is not suitable for beginners.  See also the Practical Licensing course above.

Introduction to Contracts

more detailsLevel: basic; date: to be confirmed once level of interest established

This course is designed for people who have no prior experience of working with contracts, and who would like to understand them better.  Past participants in this course have included a group of engineers in a utility company, a group of secretaries from an in-house legal department, and people who are embarking on a career in research contracts or technology transfer.

The course explains the nature of contracts and how they are drafted.  It also provides an overview of the different stages of a contract, from early stage negotiations, through the signature process, to record-keeping and dealing with contract disputes.

Please contact Mark at or on 01865 858 878 for further information or to make a booking.  Alternatively, please request that Mark contact you using the form below.



(Our dedicated call centre staff are waiting to take your calls.  Hand gestures extra.)

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