Good luck in your exams

you'll be fineIP Draughts would like to wish the best of luck to all students who are taking tomorrow’s exam for the Certificate in Intellectual Property Transactions of University College London’s Faculty of Laws, and commiserations to those students whose client commitments make it impossible for them to take the exam.

Regrettably, Mr Pettifog does not share IP Draughts’ sentiments, and he has been heard to express the view that university education is a complete waste of time and money.  Mr Pettifog is of a generation when it was possible to qualify as a solicitor through a 5-year apprenticeship, without going to university.  This was the route that Mr Pettifog took to qualify.  He considers the recent proposals to increase access to the legal profession, by alternative qualification routes, as a return to the good old days of his youth.  He regards university graduates as effete non-entities, best exemplified by Lord Sebastian Flyte in Brideshead Rivisited, which he believes to be a documentary about university life.

flyteHowever, all may not be as it seems.  The Anderson Towers archivist, Deirdre Sprockett, recently asked to speak to IP Draughts privately.  She had been updating the qualifications records of all the solicitors in our firm, and she noticed on Mr Pettifog’s file a reference to him having been rusticated from Denbigh Technical College in the 1950s for “inappropriate conduct with a teddy bear”.  There is no record of him undertaking articles over a 5-year period.  Ms Sprockett was concerned as to how IP Draughts could complete the Solicitors Regulation Authority annual form certifying that all solicitors in the practice have the necessary training and qualifications to practise.

Fortunately, IP Draughts had a solution.  He logged on to the SRA website and nominated Mr Pettifog as our firm’s “Compliance Officer for Qualifications and Training”.  Next year, Mr Pettifog will have to fill out the damned form.

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  1. Wikipedia indicates that four states of the U.S. still allow candidates who have read the law in lieu of attending law school to take the bar exam. Whether this ever happens at present, I cannot say.

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