New course on IP transactions: one week to go!

IP Transactions Course

IP Transactions Course

Cue drum roll, and lower the microphone from the roof. It is only a week to go before a 5-day course, Intellectual Property Transactions: Law and Practice takes place for the first time at the Faculty of Laws of University College London.  IP Draughts had the idea for this course several years ago, and is delighted that it is now due to ‘go live’.

The easy part was designing the course and persuading Sir Robin Jacob, formerly a Lord Justice of Appeal and now Professor of Intellectual Property Law at UCL, of its merits.  With Robin’s backing, it proved to be fairly straightforward to persuade approximately 25 senior IP lawyers to speak on the course.  Under the expert guidance of Lisa Penfold, course manager at UCL, the administrative arrangements are falling smoothly into place.

The hardest part has been getting 40 sets of course papers together, but we are almost there, with a few, over-stretched practitioners promising to complete them this weekend.  To IP Draughts’ eye, the papers look generally excellent, but perhaps he is too close to them. They are intended to combine both the academic standards that one would expect of a leading law faculty such as that of UCL, with a very practical focus on transactional issues.

It will be very interesting to see the feedback from the 30 or so students who make up the first year’s cohort.  It will also be interesting to see how they fare with the 2-hour exam that is due to take place a couple of weeks after the course is completed.

Some of the course materials look like they might be turned into a very useful and unique book.  But that is for another day.  IP Draughts’ fingers are crossed that all will run smoothly between 11th and 15th February.


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2 responses to “New course on IP transactions: one week to go!

  1. Thanks, Bill. Great idea, but let’s get the first run of the course done, review the feedback, and see whether UCL Faculty of Laws wants to run it on a long-term basis!

  2. Mark, the course looks awesome. I wish I could take it. Maybe an online version of it will develop in due course? 🙂

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