New book on IP licensing

rhiplcovercolourToday, IP Draughts received his complimentary copy of a recently-published book, Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Licensing (ed. Jacques de Werra, Edward Elgar Publishing), details of which can be found here.  IP Draughts is the proud author of chapter 6, titled International Patent Licensing.

Each chapter has been written by a different author.  Other authors are either academics or practitioners or both, and include Jane Ginsburg, Raymond Nimmer, Heinz Goddar, John Hull (IP Draughts’ fellow lecturer on the Commercialisation of IP course at UCL), and Neil Wilkof (an IPKat).

IP Draughts’ chapter describes some differences in national laws governing licensing, and proposes an international code, or set of default contract terms, for patent licensing, covering such issues as licence rights, warranties, cooperation, financial terms, termination, law and jurisdiction, assignment and change of control, and other boilerplate terms.


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4 responses to “New book on IP licensing

  1. The book has now been published, and is available directly from the publisher’s website with a 10% discount ( It’s also available on Amazon. If price is a concern, you can get it for £36.90 as an ebook via Google (

  2. Because there is a tiny market of affluent buyers?

    My guess (from getting a copy) is that the book has now had a print run and will be available in very few book shops in the next few days.

  3. Refreshingly expensive (why are IP books so much pricier than in other fields)? However if you have a hand in it that suggests it might be value for money. Nimmer is also always worth a buy.

    Perhaps you could let us know when it is published – I’ll have forgotten about it by the time it comes out

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