Our end-of-year news

&Law logoCongratulations to our trainee solicitor, AnnMarie Humphries, who has almost completed her 2-year training contract, and will qualify as a solicitor (and become an associate with our firm) in January.  Nearly 2 years ago, as a recent recruit to Anderson Law, she helped to design this blog.  It seems like only yesterday!

parisNext in line is our new trainee Christopher Beck, who joined us earlier this month.  Chris is originally from South Africa, where he obtained engineering degrees and worked in industry, before seeing (some of) the light and becoming a patents specialist, while working towards qualification as a patent attorney.  He has several years’ experience in-house at Schlumberger’s research facility near Paris (France, not Texas), and on secondment in Helsinki, working with Nokia.  He has since seen (all of) the light, and taken the exams to become an English solicitor.

codeNearly 2 years ago, IP Draughts wrote a chapter for a book, entitled A Research Handbook of Intellectual Property Licensing.  He has since updated the text.  Today, he learnt that the book will finally be published in January 2013.  Details of the book can be found on the publisher’s website here.  A large part of IP Draughts’ chapter is devoted to proposing an international code for patent licence agreements – in other words, a set of default contractual provisions that would apply unless the parties agree something different.

This book, which is edited by a professor in the law faculty at the University of Geneva, Jacques de Werra, is the closest that IP Draughts has come to writing a book that has academic, rather than purely practitioner, credentials.  The publishers have obtained a number of reviews in advance of publication, including the following words from our own Professor Sir Robin Jacob:

Transactions involving intellectual property whether by way of out-and-out assignment or by one of the myriad variants of licensing which are possible, are really really important – they help the world of business go round. But such transactions can be complex with things like national rules preventing alienation getting in the way of bargains people wish to make. So it is quite astonishing how sparse the literature on the subject is – particularly literature taking a comparative view. This book is perhaps the very first of its kind, taking as it does perspectives from the major legal systems of the world. Moreover its distinguished authors have not written in a technical or abstruse way – as academics (and some judges) can all too easily do. Far from it. This book is readable – and anyone concerned with intellectual property licensing should read it and will find it a pleasure to do so. They will also learn a lot about some of the pitfalls and bear-traps to be found around the world. At UCL we have recognised the importance of this subject. This book will be on our students’ reading list.

And the winner is...

And the winner is…

From the sublime to the ridiculous: a news item that has been under a strict press embargo by the publishers for several weeks, on pain of I-don’t-know-what.  We have been awarded the honour of UK Patent Licensing Law Firm of the Year 2012 by some magazine or other [a distinguished legal guide]. Our friend and colleague, James Love, has been awarded UK Brand Clearance Law Firm of the Year by the same publication.  Other minor law firms such as Covington & Burling and Slaughter and May have been given similar titles.  Entertainment value: 10/10.  Credibility: 0.0001/10.

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  1. Here’s good luck to all her ventures!
    Ann is out of her indentures.

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