When will they learn?

Software commercialisation. If they want to learn about Software Commercialisation, they will learn if they attend the course offered by Isis Enterprise (and featuring our own Stephen Brett) on 28th November.  If they do attend, they will learn about things such as copyright and patent protection for software and about the different software licensing models that might be appropriate for different business models.

Further details are available from Isis Enterprise, here.

Contract drafting. If they want to learn about contract drafting they could do much worse than to attend one of the three courses scheduled to be given by Mark Anderson in London this Autumn.  The course details are available on the Anderson Law website, here.  An overview of the various courses on offer, and dates, appears on this blog here.

Practical licensing. Or, if they want to learn about Practical Licensing, they should sign up to Stephen Brett’s course planned for 7th November and which is also outlined on the Anderson Law website, here.

IP licensing for professionals. Learners who prefer their licensing training to come in one-hour chunks while they look at their office computer screens, should consider signing up for Mark Anderson’s series of four “virtual classroom” lectures on licensing.  These lectures will be run on four successive Monday lunchtimes, in November and December.  Organised by the European Patent Academy (part of the European Patent Office), they cover the main provisions of a licence agreement including grant, payments, performance, warranties, law and jurisdction.  The course is designed for professional managers who have no experience of licensing.  Details here.

Project management. Finally, if they want to learn about pharmaceutical project management, they should consider signing up to the Autumn Meeting of PIPMG – the Pharmaceutical Industry Project Management Group.  Titled Discovery through to Market – Stage 1: Turning Ideas into Projects, the course will be held at the London Clinic on 19th and 20th November.  Details here.  Anderson Law LLP is proud to sponsor PIPMG by providing legal support.

Happy learning!

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