Pieces and bits

Technology makes lecturing the world so easy!

Through the post from the European Patent Office (EPO) yesterday, a camera and headset.  IP Draughts is to use these devices when giving videoconference training for the European Patent Academy (part of the EPO).  On four successive Monday lunchtimes, starting on 12 November 2012, IP Draughts will sit at his desk, look brightly at his computer screen, and give a one-hour oration on the basics of licensing.  Topics to be covered will include grant clauses, payments, performance obligations, warranties, and law and jurisdiction.  Apparently he will be able to see his audience via small images on his computer screen, and allow them to ask and answer questions.

IP Draughts has never done any training by videoconference, so it will be an interesting experiment.  Fortunately, the topics are familiar to him.  The training sessions are cut-down versions of a training course that IP Draughts developed for the EPO a couple of years ago, and which he and his colleague Stephen Brett have both given for the EPO.

Also in the post this week, a cardboard box containing the first copies of our latest publication, the third edition of A-Z Guide to Boilerplate and Commercial Clauses, published by Bloomsbury Professional.  In its third reincarnation, the book is now a massive 631 pages (excluding prelims). Most of the credit for this work belongs to IP Draughts’ colleague and co-author, Victor Warner.  Well done Victor!

The book has an image of a smart-phone on its front cover (with some sample contract wording superimposed on the screen of the phone).  Let us hope the publishers don’t get dragged into the smart-phone wars!


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2 responses to “Pieces and bits

  1. Yes, the book has been published, a little ahead of schedule.

  2. Has the book been released? I placed an pre-order at amazon.com (US) and it shows release date of 30 September. Can’t wait! I am sure it will be a very helpful reference for my work as a in-house counsel.

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