Final call for next week’s course: Introduction to Contracts

Next Tuesday (12th June), IP Draughts is running an all-day course, Introduction to Contracts at the Faculty of Laws, University College London.  The course is designed to be suitable for people who work with contracts but have not had any prior training in contracts.  Past participants have included:

  • staff who have recently joined the research contracts and technology transfer teams at universities
  • PAs, secretaries and support staff in the legal department of a leading media company
  • project managers (mostly with an engineering background) at a regional utility company

The course covers the life cycle of a contract, from initial drafting and negotiations, through preparation of versions for signature and signing, administration of existing contracts, amendment and termination.  It provides an introduction to a range of issues including the structure and typical format of contracts, use of red-lining, signing authority, maintaining a contracts database, interpreting existing contracts, and managing contract disputes.  The course includes an explanation of certain terminology used by lawyers such as subject to contract, legally privileged, and without prejudice.

Course details, including comments from previous participants, can be found in the course brochure here. The price of the course is £350 plus VAT, with a discount for multiple bookings made at the same time.

If you would like to learn more about contracts, or have a junior colleague or assistant who might benefit from a structured discussion of contracts, please contact Mark Anderson at or on 01865 858 878.  Bookings are open until close of play this Friday.

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