Dynamic law firm marketing

It’s that time of the year again, when we are told that we have been nominated as UK law firm of the year in a specialist category, and all we have to do is pay the nominating magazine a sum of money.

Before going any further, we should distinguish between these commercial propositions and the leading legal directories such as Chambers and IAM Licensing 250; the latter do not require the payment of a fee, conduct research and interview firms’ refereees and, we are pleased to say, include us in their recommendations despite our refusal to pay for glossy adverts.

Coming back to the first category of magazine, we currently have the opportunity to be UK Technology Law Firm of the Year (for a minimum advertising option of £650), and a separate opportunity to be included in a unique, international directory of lawyers where we will be highlighted as the UK specialists in life sciences law (for a fee of £600).  Following our survey on IP Draughts a year ago, we think we know what our readers think we should do with these opportunities.

Close, but not quite there…

Which is just as well, as we don’t have an advertising budget.  If we did, it might be better spent on creating our own adverts.  But how can we distinguish ourselves in the marketplace, when there are already so many Anderson law firms out there?

We bring you a selection of marketing materials that are not ours (Anderson Law LLP), but which are from other Anderson law firms, and give us some interesting templates to consider.  IP Draughts is particularly taken with the strapline of Anderson Law, LLC, in the second example shown above: ‘Cause You’re Gonna Need a Good Lawyer!, while the third example, from Anderson Law Firm, LLC, makes him paws for thought.

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