Promote German-British cooperation: buy our book

We received a very nice book review today from an unexpected source.  The German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce reviewed the latest edition of our book, Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts (Anderson & Warner, Bloomsbury Professional, 3rd edition, 2012).

The main part of the review reads as follows:

This book with its advanced drafting techniques is not only essential reading for commercial lawyers and contract managers, but also an excellent address for anyone who wishes to negotiate or draft commercial contracts.

By incorporating a chapter on legal terms and attaching sample agreements it provides an easy access for readers who have yet to get accustomed with that field of law.

Furthermore, Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contacts meets the lawyers’ growing need to not only draft commercial contracts themselves but to actually check already existing commercial contracts in order to erase any errors made by the drafter.

This book certainly is the indispensable work of reference for everyone concerned with commercial contracts.

A small piece of gossip about the publishers: the first edition of this book was commissioned by the traditional legal publisher, Butterworths, as part of a short-lived move into expanding its range of commercial law titles.  A few years later, Butterworths sold off the publishing rights to most of its textbooks as part of a strategic refocussing on electronic content.  The purchaser was a start-up called Tottel Publishing.

Mr Potter, we do not put magic words into publishing contracts!

A few years later, Tottel was sold to Bloomsbury for a little under ten million pounds.  Rumour has it that Bloomsbury was using some of the windfall profits from publishing the Harry Potter books to diversify into publishing professional books.  So we are part of the Harry Potter legacy.

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