Postgraduate course on IP transactions: another update

Regular readers may recall a couple of articles on this blog last Summer, in which we discussed plans to develop a course on intellectual property (IP) transactions, possibly leading to a postgraduate diploma.  The article linked above continues to be of interest, if the number of “hits” it receives is an accurate guide: in the last 3 months it has been the sixth most popular article on IP Draughts.

IP Draughts has continued to work on this project, and can now report a real breakthrough following a meeting held at University College London’s Faculty of Laws last week.  Our plans have still to be finalised and confirmed, but it is looking increasingly likely that there will be a 5-day course next February at UCL, organised by UCL’s Institute of Brands and Innovation Law (IBIL).  The main features of the course, as currently envisaged are:

  1. It will be targeted at junior IP practitioners (including solicitors, patent attorneys and licensing managers), and taught mainly by experienced IP practitioners.
  2. It will focus on the law and practice of IP transactions across various industry sectors, including universities and Government, ICT, media, consumer goods and life sciences.  There will be teaching and discussion of various areas of law that affect IP transactions, including IP, contract, insolvency, security over IP, and competition laws.  A range of transaction types will be discussed, including collaborations, licensing (including FRAND), assignment, M&A and investment in spin-out companies.
  3. The course programme will be a mixture of formal lectures and workshops.  Our aim is to combine in-depth teaching of the law with a practical focus on transactions.
  4. Residential facilities will be provided for those who do not live in London, probably at William Goodenough House.
  5. The course will probably include an examination.  Successful candidates will receive a certificate in IP transactions issued by IBIL.

If the course is successful, it may be expanded in subsequent years into a one-year, part-time course leading to a postgraduate diploma course or LLM.

If you would like further information about the course, please contact Mark on 01865 858 878 or at  We probably won’t be taking bookings until the Autumn.

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