Tasty IP titbits

A selection of tasty titbits for your birdtable…

IP Draughts has recently met the new Director of Innovation at the UK Intellectual Property Office, and is very enthusiastic about her.  Rosa Wilkinson is dynamic, direct and engaging, she has experience of working in industry, and a family background in small business.  In IP Draughts’ view, she is just what the IPO needs.  The very best of luck to her in her new role.

IP Draughts and others have been working on a response to the European Commission’s consultation on what should replace the Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation when it expires in 2014.  Our draft response argues for liberalisation of the rules and an expanded “safe harbour” for most IP licence agreements.  Please let Mark know if you have any thoughts on this subject.

Although not on the subject of IP, it has been fascinating to watch the live coverage of the UK Supreme Court case in which Julian Assange is seeking to avoid extradition to Sweden.  See the Sky News feed from 10.30 am today.

Bookings are still open for our series of one-day courses on contract drafting, to be run during the next few months.  Links to the brochures can be found on this earlier blog posting here.

Finally, the winner of our Christmas caption competition.  We asked what the snowman was saying in our vetoed Christmas card.  We received several witty responses, including a rather learned one from IP Draughts’ friend and contract drafting guru Ken Adams, who replied: Snowman suddenly remembers that he forgot to include “climate change” in the force-majeure provision.

The winner, though, is Deb Straw, who appealed to IP Draughts’ heart (don’t snigger) rather than his head with her suggestion: Will work for snow.  IP Draughts is not entirely sure whether this is permissible under the minimum salary regulations for trainees.  Mr Pettifog has suggested that the snowman could be employed as an intern, thereby getting round the need to pay a salary at all.  Deb, please send us your address details so that we can send you a copy of Drafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts, third edition, when it is published (which we hope will now be very soon).

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